Updated:Friday afternoon, May 4th

Brief Overview: Chest-head high sets will show for the finals off a mix of South-SSW swells. Minor NW windswell mixes in. Good conditions overall.

SATURDAY the 5th
SWELL/SURF: Mix of mainly slow easing SSW swell (210-190 deg) and new/building South swell (190-175 deg). Minor NW windswell joins in. Sets hang mostly around chest-head high (4-5′ faces), with occasional slightly overhead waves/peaks. NOTE – Lefts open up a little more on the more southerly angled lines, as rights become a little more vertical and racier, sometimes sectioning out. The minor NW windswell mixing in will cause some sections as well.
WIND/WEATHER: Calm to light/variable wind in the early morning (likely light offshore at dawn), before a light to moderate SW veering West seabreeze slowly develops through the day. Surface conditions stay fairly clean all day with help from the kelp. Also, expect clouds in the early morning with possible fog, but gradually clearing up some through the morning and into the afternoon.

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